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Everyone would like to improve the mileage of their cars but everyone was wondering how high fuel prices continue to rise because increasing every moment. So many large companies make cars like hybrid cars and the use of flexible fuel cars to reduce emissions and improve mileage cars. But the order price as a new car will only be put on other problems in the wallets of the average American. It is defending the desire for hybrid cars. Is there a best and affordable solution to raise the price of gas fuel.

I am pleased to tell you that there is now a make your own car hybrid. This is the type of technology known hydrogen fuel cells that allow your car to run on water and improve gas mileage cars. They work by installing a converter kit into the car you want to create a hybrid. This system does not require water and convert to gas, commonly called HHO gas.

HHO gas which is highly flammable as in any normal petrol, but the good information is that you need very little for more power into your engine. Produces the following: they will affordable cars good gas mileage, greater power to the engine and lower emissions. Running your car on water and gas mixture can increase gas mileage up to 50 percent of cars, depending on the type of vehicle and the type of materials you use come in conversion kits can be found in your local market with a lower price of $ 50.

This thing might seem silly to convert your car to run on water but do you know when to know that the price of fuel is expected to be very expensive gas per gallon at the end of 2012. It's a pretty good idea to try. Imagine all the money you'll save on gas prices continue to rise. I have experienced up to 50% reduction in my gas bill another $ 100 in my cash every month. On the flip side is that if you live in a city with emissions laws in place, then you do not need to worry because It will not only help the result of global warming but also improve mileage of your car.

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